To enter this giveaway you MUST have already SPENT 100$+ in your BULKFOLLOWS account.

We will give 1000$ to the BEST article written.

~ 1000$ to the BEST video made.
~ 500$ to the second BEST in each.

 All you have to do is:

1. Write an article telling people about BULKFOLLOWS and post it online on forums.
2. Or do a video telling people about BULKFOLLOWS and post it online on youtube, etc... 

 Then send us the video/article link via Ticket on BULKFOLLOWS using the subject "GIVEAWAY". 

By submitting a VIDEO or an ARTICLE you will get 2$ in your BULKFOLLOWS ACCOUNT just for taking part in the contest!
P.S: We can disapprove of your entry. Only accepted entries will be eligible to win.


You can take part in this contest even if your spending is less than 100$ or even if you have already entered CONTEST #1:

Create a video showing people HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER ON BULKFOLLOWS, we will use the BEST video on our panel.

(Keep it short, keep it simple).
The BEST video will be featured on our panel and will get 1000$ in BULKFOLLOWS FUNDS. (No funds just for submitting like Contest #1).