How Smm panel business works

An SMM Panel or Social Media Marketing panel is a service platform that sells social media engagement such as likes, followers, and views. Businesses or individuals purchase these services to enhance their online presence or promote content. Users select and pay for a package, and the panel ensures service delivery, boosting the client's social media metrics swiftly and efficiently. This method is favored for its cost-effectiveness and immediate results in digital marketing campaigns.
Having your own SMM panel is a good business to start with. You can earn money by selling social media services to your customers; the panels are very easy to manage. In Bulkfollows, you can get your own SMM panel.
Get an SMM panel, connect your panel API with bulkfollows, and start selling to your customer at any price you want.

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There are Two Types of Panel - Childspanel and Regular Panel

What is Regular SMM PANEL ?

A regular or main panel in SMM industry is a type of SMM panel that is independent and fully controlled by the owner. A regular or main panel is a platform that connects SMM service providers with resellers or customers through API.

It gives the owner full control and ownership of the panel. The owner can choose which service providers and API they want to use, and how much they want to charge for their services. The owner can also customize their panel's name, logo, design, and domain. It offers more features and options. A regular or main panel has more features and options than a child panel. A regular or main panel can also offer more services than a child panel, and can add or remove any services.

What is Child panel ?

A child panel is a type of SMM panel that is connected to a regular or main panel ( such as ) through API. A child panel allows the owner to resell the SMM services of the main panel to their own customers, without revealing the source of the services. A child panel has some advantages and disadvantages compared to a regular panel. You can check the chart to compare the features of child panel with regular panel.

Features Available on Regular panel and Child panel

Features Regular Panel Childpanel
Visual Editor
Average Time
User API
Import & Sync
Profit Reports
Admin API
Visual Editor
Child Panels

Pricing for Child Panel and Regular panel

Pricing For Regular Panel

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How many orders will you get monthly?
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Pricing For Childs Panel

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How many orders will you get monthly?
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Childpanel Faqs

It will take 3-6 hrs to activate for the 1st month and after that every month, it’s automatic as long as you pay for renewal on time.

No, for child panel you just need a domain and you need to set our domain name server to our name server given on child panel page.

If you have domain, you can simply change your domain name server and point it to After you successfully changed the name server, you can submit a order for child panel

Its actually depend on your domain provider, if you go to your domain settings and choose custom DNS and enter the name server given by bulkfollows.

No, your customer will never know about They will place order on your website and your order will automatically place to under your user account.

You can simply go to and you will find out option to connect your panel with bulkfollows. You can a key to connect your panel with bulkfollows. This key you will find out on settings of your bulkfollows account.

Unfortunately refund not possible after we activate your child panel. But you can terminate your child panel any time by creating a ticket to us.

You can simply, change your new domain name server and send to us your new domain address. We will replace your new domain with old domain. But, this change only possible for 1 time.

You can setup payment gateway on your child panel and your customers can deposit fund on your child panel through payment gateway. All the fund or payment will be add into your own payment gateway account/merchant account. Bulkfollows or main panel are not connected or responsible for anythings.

If you choose different currency than USD, you will lose all payment gateway accept USD and 99% of the payment gateway are available only with USD

Yes, it’s possible to create more than 1 access for child panel.

Design your child Panel or Regular panel

We can also design your child panel or regular panel. We have fixed price theme and Custom design options too. You can choose the pricing for your panel below if you are interested. If it’s custom design, we will create a group with our developer for further discuss.